Faty Style : A woman with visible talent


Pattern making


“Maître d’ Art – 2023
C.A.O (Computer-aided cutting) – 1987
B.E.P Cutting – 1986
C.A.P Assembly – 1982


Self employed since 2003.
10 years as a Head cutter then as a tailor

Contact :

Fatima Abajjane is a warm and discreet woman.

The name of her studio comes from her nickname “Faty”, not from the English meaning of the word. But if you ask her about it, she’ll laugh and say that she “wears it well”.

She is a Master in the Art of couture, and has :

  • The humility of the great,
  • The humility of those who started with the basics and have mastered the know-how of every facet of the trade,
  • The humility of those who can make a garment from A to Z, from a sketch or an idea,
  • The humility of those who have worked in industry AND in the workshop,
  • The humility of those who know the importance of people and the importance of sharing in the success of a project, but also in the joy of creating it.

Smiling and even more than smiling, driven by an infectious inner joy, she has a generous nature.

When she makes a garment, she’s totally committed to the task, right through to the finishing touches, happy with the job done.

Demanding of herself, she carries out all types of project with the same rigour: from the extravagance of catwalk dresses to the chocolate dresses made for the chocolate fair, from men’s, women’s and children’s clothes to wedding dresses, adapting the cut and models to different morphologies, from princesses to period costumes.

Her motivation: novelty and giving of herself.

Her credo: “I lend you my hands and my knowledge“.

Feedback from many of her customers: “It’s even better than what I had in mind!

Faty is at your disposal for all kinds of projects and also for passing on her know-how.